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Welcome cousins and friends to this home page! The purpose of this page is to share family history and to facilitate communication among descendants of German Jewish families from Silesia.

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Sources of Information

Breslau and its Jewish Communities - Websites

Breslau and its Jewish Communities - Books and print articles

Books and articles published prior to 1980 may be difficult to find.  Most are at the Leo Baeck Institute and some are available from inter-library loan programs.  Some day far in the future I hope digital images and translations of these will be posted on the web.  If they are ever made available on the web, I will provide links to them from this web page. 
Books published after 1980 are usually available from online booksellers.
The following list is sequenced by publication year or author.

Famous People with a connection to Breslau or Silesia

Some of these people were part of the Breslau's Jewish community and some were not.  Some were born in Breslau.  Some had an affiliation with a university or seminary in Breslau.

Source Documents

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